Model Theory

Start TimeTitleAuthors
11:30Interpreting Twisted Cubes as Partially Ordered SpacesGun Pinyo
11:45B-systems and C-systems are equivalentBenedikt Ahrens, Jacopo Emmenegger, Paige North and Egbert Rijke
11:55A finite-dimensional model for affine, linear quantum lambda calculi with general recursionAlejandro Díaz-Caro, Malena Ivnisky, Hernán Melgratti and Benoît Valiron
12:05Semisimplicial Types in Internal Categories with FamiliesJoshua Chen and Nicolai Kraus
12:15Types are internal ∞-groupoidsAntoine Allioux, Eric Finster and Matthieu Sozeau

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chair: Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg

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