Proof Assistants Applications

Start TimeTitleAuthors
11:30Modelling Smart Contracts of Bitcoin in AgdaAnton Setzer and Bogdan Gabriel Lazar
11:45The Agda Universal Algebra Library and Birkhoff’s Theorem in Dependent Type TheoryWilliam DeMeo
12:00A Formal Theory of Games of Incomplete InformationHelene Fargier, Érik Martin-Dorel and Pierre Pomeret-Coquot
12:10SSProve: A Foundational Framework for Modular Cryptographic Proofs in CoqCarmine Abate, Philipp G. Haselwarter, Exequiel Rivas, Antoine Van Muylder, Théo Winterhalter, Cătălin Hritcu, Kenji Maillard and Bas Spitters
12:20Towards Automation for IrisIke Mulder and Robbert Krebbers

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chair: Matthieu Sozeau

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